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Natural Treatments For Yeast Infections

What Causes a Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection may sound bad but are actually quite common. Aside from the rare case, they are usually discomforting at most. However, they can develop into more serious issues of left untreated. They are caused by a fungus called Candida albicans and will develop in areas of the body that are usually both warm and moist.

What Causes A Yeast Infection?

Usually infections are a result of yeast being allowed to grow abnormally. Yeast infections occur on places in the body that already have yeast present, but an infection means it was able to grow out of hand. They are usually caused by antibiotics and sometimes steroids which both can unintentionally kill some of the other microorganisms that act as competition for the yeast.

Generally, yeast infections occur when breakdown of outer tissue layers occur from the environment on the skin being warm and moist, so keeping moist areas dry is one of the best preventative measures you can take. A weakened immune system can allow infections to spread more easily and although it is rare, infections can spread throughout the body into what is known as a systemic infection. It is important to do your best to maintain a healthy immune system through increasing your intake of Vitamin C, reducing your alcohol intake, getting adequate sleep, and trying to exercise regularly.

Treatment Methods

It’s important to note that if infections become a severe problem you should contact your doctor immediately. While infections can become so severe they should be left to medical experts, at the earlier phases, some find that it isn’t worth the hassle or cost and opt for the home remedy option. Skin infections that are just on the surface are generally easily cured and can be gone in 1-2 weeks. Certain home yeast infection cures are as successful as over-the-counter medications.

Since yeast infections are usually caused by the unintended destruction of other microorganisms within the yeast’s environment, the most common home remedy is probiotics. Probiotics stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria within and on your body so as to help reset the competitive balance between these bacteria and yeast. Another popular natural treatment is boric acid which can be applied topically and works well for many. It has been stated that boric acid is as effective for some as prescription medications.

Consulting Your Doctor

While the natural remedy for yeast infection path works for some, it isn’t for everyone. Should you decide to forego it and see your doctor, there are other over-the-counter medicines available to try before heading there. Some recommendations are Monistat and Femstat and can be found at your local pharmacy or drug store. Be sure to talk to your doctor about yeast infection treatment information if you ever feel you need extra assistance.

If you’re interested in trying a few home remedies for yeast infections visit For more additional resources over yeast infection and treatment options: Click here.

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